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Working Together

(Sr QA Test Engineer, FL)

I joined Oleksii Selenium-Java course, and I am very thankful about it. If you do not have any automation experience and you like learn it, I recommend Oleksii course. Thanks Oleksii, you doing a good job!!!

(Software Assurance Engineer, CA)

This course it’s fantastic , it super fast (2 months) compared to what the other offerings minimum three months. You wanna be a SDET ? This course is right for you . Selenium java testNG maven data providers, Jenkins everything what Automation needs.Oleksii is a perfect teacher.My suggestions if you will taking this course do your homework.

(Software Assurance Engineer, IL)

Omg, this was the best course ever! I am so grateful to Alex, who is awesome mentor. The course is very well-structured, with a lot of practical tasks. Alex helped me to get ready for my Interviews and supported me all the time.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to all QAs who want to learn Automation. This is the lowest price for such huge experience, practice and knowledge.

(IT Quality Engineer, CT)

Hi guys! I’ve been with you a little longer than a month but with pleasure and happiness ready to share a great news!! Being only 2 weeks on the market I got already 2 offers!!!! (One for SDET position and other one for IT Quality Engineer position)!  I am super excited how they like my skill set that Oleksii gives us!! 2 interviews and 2 offers = unbelievable!!!But this is not it, the final thing that made me shocked  it’s a salary!!!!!I accepted 118k offer!!!!!!!!$$$ just being a manual tester i got so progressive step!!!! I don’t have words how to thank Oleksii for the job he did, for feedbacks, for right tools and nice skills!!!!!Oleksii you definitely changed my life!!!!!! And what the most important I am only half way on this course and already feel myself so confident with automation!If you guys have any questions about interviews or HR’s question- please ask! It’s definitely worth to discuss! Or we can make a live call this or next weekend where I can answer any question!!!Good luck  you will find a job 100%

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