Java Selenium Automation Course Overview 

Part 1: Overview Selenium-TestNG-Maven Framework.

• System requirements and operating system prerequisites

• Overview of the POM Selenium architecture model

• Overview of Web Automation UI Testing techniques and objectives

• Configurations of Project

• Overview of Test Framework structure

• Writing the first test using Selenium and Java scripts

• Inspecting Application with Chrome console to define the element Locators

• Introduction to test assertions to verify expected behavior

• Integrating third-party test libraries

• Learn repository and code review


Part 2: Introduction to Page Object Model.

• Overview of Page Object Model

• Writing Test Helper methods

• Writing Page Objects

• Organizing Test Data

• Writing tests using Page Objects


Part 3: Execute Tests in TestNG test suites.

• TestNG.xml configurations

• TestNG annotations

• TestNG groups

• Overview of Maven tasks 

• Executing tests in TestNG test suites

• Generating Test Reports with attachments and logs


Part 4: Execute Tests in Jenkins.

• Configuring Jenkins

• Run parallel tests in Jenkins

• Analyze output and test results


Part 5: Automation interview.

• Add a project in resume with gaps.

• Practical training in real-time how to explain all automation project and structure and answer technical questions

• Questions to interviewer

• Duties automation QA in Agile


Our Mentor, Oleksii Lavrenin - is a highly skilled Software Developer in Test with over 7 years experience in Test Automation, QA Teams Management, Security and Penetration Testing who helps Companies in various industries such as Finance, and Cyber Security to build reliable and secure Products.

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