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About a Mentor?

Oleksii Lavrenin is a highly skilled Software Developer in Test with over 7 of years experience in Test Automation, QA Teams Management, Security and Penetration Testing who helps Companies in various industries such as Finance, and Cyber Security to build reliable and secure Products.

Do you help prepare for a Job interview?

Yes, after (or during) you complete the course, we will:
1.Update your Resume.
2.Provide handouts of real project.
3.Give you a source code of real project.
4.Practice how to pass phone screenings.
5.Train you how to answer Automation Interview Questions.
6.Give you a list of questions which you should ask your Interviewers.(These questions will demonstrate your knowledge and experience). 
7.Support you and help during all stages of Interview process.

What if I don't understand or have issues\difficulties with some tasks?

Every time you have questions of difficulties you contact your Mentor and he will help you asap.
Please remember, during the course you will be under Personal Mentoring, get feedback about your code and home works'.

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